Each gummy is infused with 12.5mg D9 THC Live Rosin & 12.5mg of CBD. The perfect balance between calm and high. Great to de-stress and re-find your balance to get you through either the day or night.

These gummies from Alchemy Naturals are each infused with 50mg CBD, 1.5mg THC (derived from full-spectrum CBD) and 50mg of Reishi mushroom. They're a great supplement to add to your daily routine or as needed for stress relief.

Each gummy is infused with 40mg of Delta 8 Live Rosin and 10mg CBN. This combination of cannabinoids is perfect for those with trouble sleeping to get a good nights rest.

This delta 9 syrup from Enjoy Hemp contains 420mg of D9 in the entire bottle and has 20mg per serving. Available in a Sativa (Euphoria) and a Hybrid (Zen), it is delicious added to tea or sprite and can also be taken on its own.

Each tincture bottle is infused with 300mg of Delta 10 THC. This tincture will leave you with the perfect combination of head buzzing and body relaxing leaving you "Vibin".

This detox is great for the last-minute necessary detox to intermittently clear the body of toxins and hemp products and starts working instantly!

These vegan friendly 20mg THCV Gummies wont get you high, but they will help boost your energy, mental clarity anf curb your appetite. They are the perfect gummy to start your day with!

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