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Cannabis and cannabinoid drugs are widely used to treat disease or alleviate symptoms.


To conduct a systematic review of the benefits and adverse events of cannabinoids.


Patient-relevant/disease-specific outcomes, activities of daily living, quality of life.


Medical cannabis refers to the use of cannabis as medical therapy to treat disease.

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Each cartridge is infused with D8 THC, D10 THC, THC-X, THC-B, THC-JD, PHC. Available in an Indica, Hybrid and Sativa blend. This heady, euphoric high won't let you down.

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Each container is filled with 3 grams of D8 & THC-P dabs. Available in an Indica, Hybrid and Sativa.

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These gummies are infused with 150mg of Delta 6 & THC-P Live resin each. They pack a punch and aside from the name won't kill you but will in fact give you a nice heady high. Available in a 2 pack and 10 pack in store.

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