A kratom-infused, fruit-flavored, instant powdered drink! Each sachet is 2 SERVINGS and contains 100 mg of Mitragynine! Just add 250ml of cold water to 1/2 a sachet (1.75 grams) of instant powder mix and stir or shake.

From the makers of Addall XR and XanRelax comes the strongest Kratom product on the market! 150x ULTRA Strength Kratom shot.

The makers of MIT 45 bring you Super K which is a potent 30ml Kratom shot made in the USA. Each bottle contains multiple servings. Manufactured under strict quality management practices and GMP regulations to ensure the highest quality control. Available in Extra Strong & Special Edition options. Extra Strong is 3x the strength of Special Edition.

Zion Herbals's 20ct Kratom Extract Soft Gels are made from their premier formula using 80% Kratom extract in a soluble liquid soft gel. Each gel contains 40mgs of the Mitagynine Alkaloid. 20 servings each jar.

100 grams of 100% Ground Kratom Leaf. Available in White, Green, and Red Vein. 100 grams for $29.95