Top Shelf Delta 8 Preroll REVIEW

The first draw of Top Shelf’s “Northern Lights” Delta 8 preroll sent my eyes back as the musky smoke enveloped me. Within a few puffs, I started to feel grounded and calm. In the back of my head, a relaxing sensation took over. It spread throughout my body and relieved the leftover anxiety of the day. Already feeling my muscles loosen, I went ahead smoked the rest to see the full effects.

The Raw cone the delta 8 bud was packed in burned slow and evenly. I found the taste strong and skunky, which was very enjoyable. The earthy flavors made the relaxation even more inviting. I was not tired immediately and enjoyed watching a movie and cooking dinner before sleep set in. An hour and a half to two hours after smoking the preroll, I went to bed but not before noticing that the pain in my lower back was much more manageable. 

For a small package, it packed a punch. A certain member of the Indica family and a delta 8 preroll I will keep coming back to and recommending to others who may struggle with anxiety, pain, or sleep. The bud tasted high quality and gave a “top shelf” effect for an affordable price. 

Top Shelf’s Sativa dominant delta 8 preroll, “White Widow” is just as potent as “Northern Lights” but gave a slightly different high. The smoke was thick and fragrant with a floral taste that wasn’t sweet. Within a few minutes of smoking the preroll, I felt talkative and laughed easily. It made me much more open to socializing and solving problems which is why this may be better suited for a night of fun or to unscramble a stressed mind. Either way, I was relaxed for several hours and did not feel wired or anxious afterward. 

Cape Fear Clouds carries several of Top Shelf’s products and invites you to try them yourselves. Top Shelf Delta 8 prerolls are sold for 9.95 at each Cape Fear Clouds location. Visit our Oleander or Kerr location for more information!