Stoney Smores Delta Extrax Delta 9 Live Resin Chocolate REVIEW

Summer is here! And there’s no better time than now to try our favorite summer treat, Stoney Smores! An easy snack for adults who want to relive their fond childhood memories of sticky fingers and happy faces with a little added fun. The prime component of this dessert is Delta Extrax Delta 9 Live Resin Chocolate Series. These delicious treats come in multiple flavors, including milk and dark chocolate. The rich taste of the chocolate is enough to make you want seconds! Each bar contains 150 milligrams of Delta 9 Live Resin, split up into 12 pieces for 12.5 mg per square. Share with friends or enjoy it all on your own, we recommend one to three squares per smore to start with.

Whether you’re making these over a cozy campfire or for a late-night microwave snack, these chocolates start to work their magic within the hour and deliver a lasting and fun high. Heady at first, it lingers behind the eyes and relieves any tension in the forehead before traveling down the spine and through the rest of the body. A light and easy-going effect follows and lasts for several hours which leaves even the most experienced Delta 9 user relaxed and happy. Delta Extrax Delta 9 Live Resin chocolate bars deliver a delicious and carefree high for the perfect summer day or evening.